• Perhaps you could petition her elder brothers for marriage to her.
    • Shushant
      @officegirl thanks for your revert. actually her brothers will not allow her for that.situations are getting worst for her as they are forcing her to get marry, she's thinking to leave home but at same time she's thinking about her parents, now what should i do and how i handle her or ask her to do?
    • officegirl
      If you love and respect her you must respect her decision . If you ask her to be with you then you know you are asking her to give up the support of her family which she may not want to do. Could you give her the support that she receives from her family if she were to leave them? If you ask her to leave then you must be willing and able to provide that for her. Would you want to be with her without the support of her family? Those are questions you must ask yourself.

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