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  • I suppose could be but that would depend on how you hold it. We often grow into how we see love and romance especially if we don't use pop culture as our medium of understanding. When I was young "romantic love" I mostly saw as for those beautiful girls who get asked out a lot - and gushy guys. The rest of us were getting by on what came our way and what we made of it. There were periods I would go through with one man or another when I thought I was in love - or perhaps mostly I felt jealous that others seemed to be interested in them - but then that was not enough for me to give up my life completely because I knew there were things I wanted in life that I could not have with them - as much as I appreciated and enjoyed and responded to their interest in and enjoyment of me. So maybe the first man I really loved, in terms of how I felt - and it was romantic perhaps mostly because it took months for the sex to get really good at all - was someone I wanted to be closer to and be in something long-term without moving on. But he did not care for me the way I wanted him to, and though we did many things together I wanted in the end when things got tough emotionally for me he dumped me for someone older and more beautiful which was a kick in the tummy. So much for first love.
  • Actually no. My first love gave me a ton of memories and I will always remember her fondly. (I make a distinction here between my first crush and my first love.) She was the first time that I thought about someone other than me first. She was the first time I had sex - and I learned a lot a grew from the experience. However, the most special love is the one I have now. She is the one who taught me what love is. We've been together for ten years - though we decided not to be married. She puts up with me when anyone else would walk away. She gave me three beautiful babies and went through all of that from morning sickness to 2 AM feedings. She gives me the best sex - and she sees sex as something that she owes to me because she loves me and cares about my needs. She makes me smile. She has made me cry. She has put up with so much and still tells me she loves me. She has made sacrifices for me that I can never hope to repay. She respects me and appreciates me. Just holding her hand makes my day, and waking up next to her makes everything I'll face in the day worthwhile. Sorry, but you just can't compare the first love - no matter how special it felt - to the kind of love that lasts. I'll always remember my first love, but nothing beats the girl who wakes up next to me every morning now.

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