• 10-1-2017 I never heard it before, and it could only be said by someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. There are a lot of those.
  • ive never been lucky enough to be in love
  • No it isnt as long as you are in control
    • Linda Joy
      Control is an illusion.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      You don't believe that!
    • Victorine
      "Who's," not "whose". And love is not analogous to natural phenomena like storms, dear. Having been in earthquakes and tornados, I can assure you of that.
    • Franco333
      "Control is an illusion" only goes so far. Just because a tornado cannot be controlled does not mean emotions and personal actions are the same. There are lotsa stuff one can control, and lots many choose not to even try. As for tornadoes and hurricanes, an underground house renders them harmless if one is at home, and homes can be made pretty much earthquake proof. As for floods and tsunamis...only idiots choose to live in danger zones. I would add that the prisons are full of 'tards that killed for love, as the graveyards are full of them that got killed (or committed suicide) for this temporary insanity. I'd bet the death toll of 'love' throughout the centuries far exceeds that of all Mother Nature contrived catastrophes combined. Throw in all those millions killed by commie/socialist regimes over the last hundred years...and Love would still take the 'Crown Of Most Deadliest' in the Miss World Serial Killer Pageant.
  • thats true
  • George R.R. Martin said it.. Loneliness killed him.
    • Linda Joy
      He's still alive.
  • I think it was George Martin in the "Game of Thrones." It had something to do with Circe. Either way like J Giles said in Loveitis, I'd rather die from it rather than COVID or an oncoming bus.
  • I would tend more towards calling it an illusion or temporary insanity, but yeah, I'd agree....anytime you turn the steering wheel over to emotions, you're likely headed for a car wreck.
  • A generalization that is untrue, like so many generalizations, which tend to be ignorant and shallow. It sounds superficially profound, but it's not at all intelligent if you consider it thoughtfully. In fact, it's rather melodramatic, a quality I don't admire, because it characterizes much bad literature. Writers need to avoid it.
  • its untrue is beautiful ..many people fall in love , they put their best foot forward at first ,then when they have their love ,they show all their bad side..she acts like mum or he like dad or a control freak etc being a real bossy boots/moody /uncaring / cranky/ blaming/ unloving/ ..they never say sorry for mean words and list goes on and on.they should try their hardest to stay like they were when dating them,,

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