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  • Sounds that way. Ask her to a dance!
  • Well, I'm a bit older than you and maybe things are different then when I was 17, but it seems unlikely that she would see you on the weekends - which must be difficult if you go to different schools, suggesting that you don't live close by - and then make out with you and kiss you and NOT like you. A better question to you might be, based on what you have written, why would you assume that she does NOT like you? At a minimum, she has certainly opened the door to having a relationship with you. He who hesitates is lost. Seize the moment!! Take her to a dance. Better still, take her to the movies and a dinner or something. If you live someplace that is warm in the winter - south Florida, Hawaii, for example - take her to the beach. Also, you might just find that if you tell her your feelings, she might appreciate the honesty. That's not such a bad start to a relationship. Admittedly, if she does not feel the same way about you, you could get your feelings hurt. However, if she is worth it, then she is worth the risk. Good luck.
    • wagterdpj
  • sounds like she likes you or she wouldnt bother spending time with you

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