• hmmm.. this is very sensitive situation. But if i were you. Try to be friendly first. Don't be so obvious.. Don't ask anything yet about those things. Time will come you'll discover everything. And just believe in your own instinct. You may feel the right time when to uncover those issues as well. Just go with the flow, act like everything was ordinary and show her how life is beautiful and how life is too short to feel worried and depressed always. So all in all! Good luck. Bring her some foods and lots of jokes! :D
    • Myang
      be reminded as well that people who seems so happy always are the opposite one.. so try to understand everything about her deeply.
  • A pretty face attached to a troubled and unstable sole has been the ruin of many a poor boy but, at 17, you won't be talked out of it and besides, you'll recover.
  • None of my business
  • Hmm! That's called masochism!
    • mushroom
      Sounds more like non-suicidal self-injury. The distinction is willing excitement vs an impulse to distract from tension/fear.
  • First of all, this is going to be difficult for you to endure, watching someone harm themselves. It is an impulsive act, not fully under her control, because of some deep-rooted fear or trauma which she may not even be able to describe. Hospitals and doctors are there to help, so think nothing more of her visits than you would if you had an injury or severe illness. If you are truly interested in her because of her non-harmful interests, you should try to encourage her to do those whatever positive activities she likes, join a self-help group, and be sure to give her every reason to stick with it, going there with her for additional support, and letting her cry/yell/swear on your shoulder (or on the phone, whatever she chooses). But, I remind you, it will be difficult to care for someone who seems to think self-harm is somehow helping, until you can understand her fears and offer your unconditional support.
  • Best not to get involved, kid. She's got issues you can't deal with and will likely make worse.

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