• That can depend on several factors. was he oozing precum when he put it in you? There is a lot of sperm in precum. Was this done about the time you ovulated? You are fertile about a week after your period for about a week so you have to figure this out for yourself. I would give you about a 50-50 chance you could be pregnant. You need to get a pregnancy test kit to find out.
    • Kitty1212
      I don't believe he was oozing with pre cum and my period is due in a week. So I haven't had it yet.
    • Miranda Claranice
      The chance is about 20% I calculated, if u took Plan B at the proper time you should be ok
    • Kitty1212
      Thank you so much you really relieved me
  • Low. But please understand that general pattern of behavior will put you at high risk.
    • Kitty1212
      Thank you.. I learned my lesson for sure

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