• Assuming cow tipping is possible, it could be, but it would be injuries caused by the fall like any 'ordinary' fall. There would be no specific 'cow tipping' injuries. Some farm communities have passed laws prohibiting cow tipping, as the activity is likely to result in injury to the prospective tippers and/or to the cow. However, a cow disturbed by an attempted tipping would presumably be the less injured party (both in terms of physical harm and loss of dignity) after such an undertaking.
  • Cow-tipping can not only injure the cow, it can very well kill it. That's why many farm-oriented communities and states have laws against cow-tipping. When the cow is tipped over, all of its weight shifts, and sometimes the cow's head gets inadvertantly shoved into the ground, which will cause it to sufficate. Cow-tipping doesn't always wake the cow up, which is why it could suffocate after the fact. Other times, the tip over will result in broken ribs, which can fracture and pierce vital organs, making it bleed out from the inside. Sometimes when the cow is tipped over it will land right on its neck and break it. Other times the tipping will result in a broken leg or two, at which point the very irrate owner will have to put it down. Cow tipping is a cruel thing to do...while not all cows die from it, many have complications and life-threatening injuries as a result. You should think twice about doing such a thing...not only will the animal's life potentially be snuffed out unexpectedly, but then the owner will lose money, as cows are a vital source of income for some farmers, not to mention the owner will have to probably buy another one.
  • Okay time to snip balloon strings here, I grew up on a dairy farm, you can not sneak up on a cow and tip it over, for one cows are a herd animal, herd animals are prey animals meaning way back when, other animal prey upon them, they do not sleep all at the same time, one is always awake. If they do not know you, they are going to tell their friend you are near. You cannot sneak up one them as the have fantastic hearing, each ear moves independently, making for an awesome radar system. To top that they have a keen scene of smell and their sight is also good. Most cows lay down to sleep unlike horses that look their leg and go to sleep. A cow can weigh up to 1200 lbs, and if you did get up to it while it was sleeping and you did happen to get a hand on it, it would cow kick the snot out of you. You would be the person that was tipped, and the cows would laugh as you where picking your teeth from the grass. (O:
  • pinkpiggies is probably right on this, and i doubt that cow-tipping is possible. however, if the cow could be tipped, it could probably be badly hurt. Cow-tipping is one of those things that people really shouldn't do...
  • pinkpiggies is so right only a person with a death wish would disterb a herd of cows esp. if they have some bulls in the mix. might make a funny home video and an expensive hospital visit
  • cows sleep laying down i live in Oklahoma and have never seen a cow sleeping while standing i could be wrong of course but i never understood cow tipping because ive never seen one asleep that wasnt laying down
  • My son was among some friends in a rural area. Someone suggested they "tip a cow" My son decided that they shouldn't do it because he felt it may injure the animal. I don't know if it could be done or not, I'm just glad my son has morals and empathy for other human beings and animals.
  • pinkpiggies and intellegensia are right on. Think about it, do you think you could tip over a animal that weighs over 1000#? It will be awake, they sleep laying down. It is possible to sneak up on them, but their flight reaction gets them away from you quickly. if instead of the flight reaction they give you the fight reaction you better hope you are a track star and can climb a tree.
  • You cannot tip a cow unless it is a statue of a cow. Cows do not sleep soundly enough to be tipped the will simply wake up and walk off if you try to tip them.
  • I don't usually tip the cows, I tip the milkman. About 20%.
  • i tipped, NOT TAPPED BAHAHAH, ten cows last night. its possible number one. number two, THEY SLEEP STANDING UP. im from maine. i traveled thousands of miles to tip these things. trust me, its possible, and IT ROCKS. I DIDNT INJURE ONE EITHER, well minus the one that fell onto a tractor while my friend hit the accelerator. RIP CHESTER THE COW. :)
  • It only bruises their egos if you give them less than 15% for the milk they just gave you.
  • It injures dairy cows. It contaminates their milk production, and makes it harder for them to produce milk for the next couple of days. However, if it was a steer, no, they are not injured. Local farmers were so tired of milk production being tainted that they started putting bulls in the pastures.
  • I think everyone should try to tip a BULL. but first kick him in the junk so he knows someone is there so he wont land wrong and die, then maybe taser him behind the ear just to be sure. i would even consider urinating on him just in case, there's no reason to not be CAUTIOUS right? someone told me if you tip a dairy cow it will die because their hearts are suspended in their chest cavity but not secure, so when they fall over their heart will bounce off of their ribs and will kill them...? it sounds like balogney to me but has anyone else herd of this? teehee did you catch that?
  • I HATE when people cow-tip. No human has the right to take advantage of an animal like that.
  • Hello all, Im a professional cow-tipper from northern california. None of you right, and have no idea what you are talking about. A cow can be easily tipped, in which case its neither harmed nor injured in any way, shape, or form. It acts as a massage and most cows invite the idea openly. Furthermore Cows dont posses vital organs to wound. thier bodily functions are performed by microids called lapis-thermiodae. Even if they did have bones they would be cusioned by the fat and delicious steak, i.e. filet mignon, top serloin, ground chuck, and yankee pot roast. Remember california cows are the happiest, BECAUSE they get tipped. Thank you and happy cow tipping
  • its a completely sick and psycho thing to do. people who abuse animals will go to hell and hopefully be tortured by animals for all of eternity =)
  • I am going cow-tipping tonight!!!! I will let you know how it goes :O

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