• Aren't cows herbivores? LOL
    • Linda Joy
      Aren't vegetarians?
    • mushroom
      Vegetarians may or may not consume dairy or eggs. Herbivores do not make conscious dietary restrictions; they are not adapted to consume other material.
    • Linda Joy
      So cows are NOT herbivores. Wonder what would happen if you fed them beef...
  • Na-ah! Never tried killing anything but cockroaches.
    • Linda Joy
      What about spiders? I bet you've killed germs before! haha.
  • Not cows, but I went deer hunting once - sat all day in the upstairs of a vacant house waiting on my prey. It was the last day of hunting season, and the sun was about to set...only minutes left. Just as I stood up to get ready to leave, I saw a tiny dim light in the distance heading my way. I watched it until stopped just below me - it was a Timex Indiglo watch being worn by the largest buck you ever saw in your life. I could only nod and whisper, "Next year, my friend - next year..."

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