• I'm not absolutely positive...but I believe the onboard computer is shutting your engine down at that temp as a failsafe measure to pre-empt overheating...which means, it's not reading that your fan is working or you've somehow damaged the sensor.
  • i own the same car. '96 cherokee inline 6 and i just recently fixed it because it had an overheating problem. how well is the car running and how fast does it overheat?
  • If the radiator is new and is full of coolant then the overheating problem has to be the water pump, the thermostat or the fan. The computer is shutting it down, but the computers temp sensor may be different than the temp gage sensor. The temp gage could be incorrect too. 220 is not too hot for normal opperation, the computer should not shut it down at that temp. but 235 to 240 is too much. A water pumps impeller can deteriorate, The thermostat may be stuck partially open. The clutch fan may be shot and isn't turning at full speed.
  • I have the same problem going on with my inline 6, 98 grand cherokee. I replaced a hose and thermostat initially, then shortly after the radiator as well. It seemed to work fine for a bit, and then the problem came up a few days later. I noticed the temperature gauge going down or around 210 when on an incline, and parked downwards on an inline the temperature rises immediately and starts leaking fluid. not sure what it may be now.
  • There is an auto shut down relay in the Power distribution center that does this. It is to prevent major damge to the engine in the event of over heating. It is locacted on the left side of th vehicle if you are standing in front of it facing the engine. The PDC is right next to the overflow reservoir and the relay is in postion "G"

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