• cats are odd ducks. you never know what will take their fancy. My cat has recently taken to ice so i put it in her bowl and watch her play with it. she goes NUTS. sounds like a youthful cat. you can get him a cat fountain that he can drink from. you pour water in it and flows out like a faucet and recycles back through.
  • every cat, including both mine, that i know are crazy for this...they actually have water dishes for cats that keeps a continuously cycling stream of water i think its a pretty common thing
  • my cat does that too, heres a pic of being caught drinking out of the sink.
  • My cat likes to do that too. In fact, my cat goes to my toilet and meows for me to flush it. Then while it's flushing (it has to be clean water of course, and he can smell it if it isn't) he jumps in and paws at the water leaking lol.
  • Two of my cats do this too. The older of the two didn't start until the little one did. I've head that cats are attracted to running water because they consider it clean and safe for drinking. My cats come up with new games and habits all the time. I guess they're much like humans that way.
  • +1 to all the comments on cat fountains. My cat loves hers. I ordered the medium size Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain from They had the cheapest price I found and delivered it quickly. I like this model because the water goes down a ramp rather than falls into the bowl so there is less noise.
  • Because he has become intersted in the water lol.

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