• an ant is an ant, even though sugar ants seem cuter because of their name. they are still disgusting
  • yes, there is currently an invasion taking place downstairs in the conservatory.
  • Ants arent Their species have been around longer than we have, since prehistoric times. Sugar ants, piss ants, sweet ants, slab ants, pavement ants. Same Actual name is pavement ants. If ya have em' terro will work just get alot of it. Another great product is drax you can get that on www.doityourselfpestcontrol.comnb
  • no, i wish, id rather have those than the bedbugs ive been having, i think theyre worse, this wk i gotta get out of my apt all day cause theyre doing the heat treatment, ive gotten rid of my entire bed thanks to them, had to, they were all over my mattress, i prefer ants any day

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