• I'd go straight back to the shop, tell them they worked before and have them figure it out. It may be a loose cable or something.
  • You dont, They do. Its what you paid for, take it back to the shop.
  • There are several common causes: 1. The IDE cable has come loose in transit. (ensure the IDE cables and power cables are secure). 2. Windows does not recognize the devices. (check the Device manager in the system properties to see if any devices have problems) 3. Windows XP is installed from the CD or DVD drive so if they used your drives then they had to work at the shop.... Unless.... They disconnected your secondary IDE cable to connect a shop device to restore Windows from an image file and then forgot to reconnect your IDE cable. (actually a pretty common occurance). If this is the case, just reconnect your IDE cable. Have some patience with the repair shop.... they're people too ya know.
  • Take it back make them fix it right.

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