• You can use "Ook? Video Ook!" which is a Firefox add-on, to download any streaming video. And I'm assuming your using "Mozilla Firefox". Anyway, the YouTube videos are downloaded in .flv format. But not to worry my friend, you can download and install the "K Lite Codec Pack" and view the video. I have to add here that the softwares mentioned above are all freebies. Have fun!!!
  • yes goto in the search bar and type free flv converter download the software easy to use has one add on (deaeilo but can be removed from add/remove programs)make sure you have the software set before you download i.e wma/psp/mp4/audio ect the file downloads in flv format but then converts it to what you want any questions mail me regards robert
  • I can with real player
  • There's a site called "" that supposedly can do this for you.
    • Temperance Brennan
      Not "supposedly", indefinitely, I've been successful with keepvid.
  • get orbit downloader, it has an attachment called Grab++ that, when turned on, automatically detects each video played in your browser, you just have to check the box next to the videos you want to download and click the download button. works with firefox and internet explorer.
    • Temperance Brennan
      It's not compatible with Chrome?
  • I've successfully downloaded youtube videos using It's free and no software or browser add-ons required. Just copy and paste the youtube link into the bar and click 'download'. There are others that are the same concept such as and
  • 12-28-2016 I use It will convert to any format you want.

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