• avast is good, i have it on my laptop
  • Avira, Avast, AVG are the best free antivirus.
  • I don't know when this question was posted. But AVG as well as Avast. I am using the anti virus and firewall my server provides for free. I am with Spectrum formerly Charter but they use both names.
  • Avast and AVG antivirus are best and free...
  • Avast is a best free antivirus.
  • As of 2019, I prefer bitdefender. These sorts of things change with the seasons, though.
  • From what I understood from your question, you are looking for the antivirus that would be able to do the job of protecting your system and provide counterattacks in the event of an attack and would be free to use. When I saw your question, the first antivirus software that came to mind is AVG Antivirus. AVG Antivirus is free to download and free to use forever (according to their website]. It provides BASIC protection for your devices. I am emphasizing the word because AVG does what it has been called to do. It is an antivirus, pure, and simple. It includes your whole system, web, and email in its BASIC protection services. It also provides versions for different devices. My android phone gets excellent service from AVG Antivirus while my Mac also gets the same service. I haven’t tried it with my PC as I already have another antivirus working in it.
  • The Windows 10 av is pretty good. That's what my computer tech told me.
  • I used to use AVG but now use the built in AV with Windows. I also use McAfee Stinger & Malwarebytes to scan my PC. I also have adblock & pop-up blocker as add-ons to the Firefox browser. All of these can be downloaded for free.
  • There is no "one size fits all" program out there. I prefer SpyHunter as my main go-to. They're mostly a subscription service (and expensive) but you can get a free version. The only drawback is that it only detects viruses and malware - you have to know how to get rid of them manually. Since I am able to do this, I can enjoy a quality antivirus program without cost.
  • When tested, they all were within 1 percent being effective. Scan often and keep them up to date.
  • Load up adguard on Chrome for your adblocker. Phone your bank and they will usually have a deal for premium antivirus providers as a value customer.
  • get a good VPN too.
  • I've used Norton for years.
  • Depends on which OS you are using. *** The following is a great web site. It used to change the order quite often (every few weeks the "best" changed from one to another), but nowadays so many are rated excellent in all categories - including the AV program packaged with Win 10 - that you probably don't need to bother with an add-on program (unless you're not using Win 10). {{ }} *** I used Avast for years in Win 7. Never had a virus problem. *** Not sure about popup blockers. *** You MIGHT want to consider an anti-malware program such as Malwarebytes (which still gets top honors for free anti-malware programs even though you have to run a manual scan to use it - that is: it's not automatic). Again: Win 10 does a pretty good job of this on its own, though perhaps not as stellar a job as it does in the anti-virus department. *** Here are others that you might consider. You probably SHOULD have MORE THAN ONE of them on your system if you are prone to using web sites or opening e-mails that are virus- and malware-prone. {{ }} *** If you are NOT prone to using dangerous sites or opening dangerous e-mails, then Win 10 by itself should be more than enough to protect you. *** P.S. Another useful link {{,Test%2C%20with%20less%20than%20one%20hundred%20false%20alarms. }}
  • Microsoft has their own and it is free. Go into settings and under the tab for security. You must disable all other virus programs for it to work properly. It stays up to date every day.

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