• calypso was a being who was superior to human as she existed in spirit form and had limitless abilities but the original pirate court feared her and trapped her in a body, in potc3 they released her cos they thought it wud help with their fight against cutler beckett but it didnt and as it turned out they didnt need her anyway!
  • she is needed for part 4
  • Yeah... they really dropped the ball on that side-story, didn't they? I noticed that too.
  • She is the one that created the Maelstrom(whirlpool) that pulled the Dutchman and thus Jones to the depths of his own Locker. Granted stabbing the heart of Jones is what ultimately did him in, but the distraction and effect of the fury of her storm kept the superior firepower of the Dutchman's guns from blowing the Pearl apart before those ends could be met. And also allowing the still living Jack and Elizabeth a means(though a bit ridiculous{LOL}) to get away in the sail of the Dutchman. And once Jones was dispatched she released the Dutchman and her new Captain; Turner as it was his destiny to take Jones's place. Also noted she returned Will and the Dutchman in time to save the rest of the pirates from Beckett's armada. assuming she did so out of gratitude for being told it was Jones that had betrayed HER by telling the Brethren how to bind her in human form. Savvy?

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