• Playing too near the street. Or running through a parking lot by themselves. Makes me sick. They'll be the first ones to say "I don't know what happened"!
  • when I saw the 3 kids sitting on a bench in the mall the oldest was maybe 10-12 was smoking and the other 2 looked like they had been bathed in mud.. turns out there mom worked in the restraunt bar, and would leave them in the mall unattended for hours!!
  • Tantrums is the usual manifestation of kids in public.Usually parents don´t know how to cope properly with this.
  • When we are sat in the pub having a meal and quiet drink and kids are running riot around you,that is until my husband sticks his foot out and trips one up.
  • Once a kid was walking around by a liquor store my mom works at when we asked him where his mommy was he started to show us, two and a half blocks later we got to the mothers house and delivered the kid i was like what the hell
  • at a salad bar - kid grabbing food from the salad bar with his grubby mitts, taking a bite, and putting it back. I looked for parental-unit - none obviously present, so I asked him to "please stop - if you don't want it, don't put it back" - he said "Okay" and walked away - then 5 mins later annoyed parent starts hollering at me... oh-no-she-di-int...
  • My girlfriend and I took her small brother to Disneyland and we stayed at a hotel. Apparently he got up in the morning before we did and went out the front door he wanted to go to the pool. We woke up with the police knocking on our door. We found out when you open the door the dead bolt opens too. Next night we put furniture in front of it so he couldn't get out. Scared the living daylights out of us.
  • We were at a lake near the boat launch area and there is a swimming beach there, too. We were tying up a boat at the dock when a friend of mine saw a little kid, VERY little trying to hold on to a big inner tube, floating our way. We yell to the beach if anybody lost a kid. No one said anything. We kept an eye on him and then he went under and we dove in and got him. He started screaming as we got him to the beach and this irate woman comes at us like we were gonna steal her kid. Like, where were YOU mom??? Your kid almost drowned. What if we hadn't been there??? Stupid people! When you have kids and water together, you shouldn't be talking away with your friends or sunbathing. Watch the kids!!!
  • I was on a four hour flight and there were these two kids who kept running up and down the aisle for hours screaming and throwing things at people.
  • At the orthodontist, a little boy was smashing the toys in the waiting area.
  • A kid tied down my chihuahua in my front yard and was peeing on him. He ran away before I could call police or try to figure out who his parents were.
  • When I lived in an apt, I rode my bike thru another apt complex to get to the road, and a 2-year-old kid was just sitting in the middle of the road in the apt complex.
  • a 10 yr old boy wazzz throwng a tantrum because his MOMMY wouldnt get him gum or candy something like that but still STUPID!!!!! PLEASE COMMENT!!!!! i made a bet for 1,000,000,000 that i would get comments
  • I saw a wee boy with his pants around his ankles doing a poo in a toilet in a display bathroom in B&Q the DIY warehouse shop. Bless!
  • A girl walking around outside in nothing, but a thong.
  • Toddlers walking far ahead of their parents in a mall or at a busy intersection. We all know how fast these wee ones can dart or be scooped up. They are are vulnerable! Sounds harsh but I call it parental negligence.
  • Our local mall is an outdoor mall near the beach. One night around 10pm we went through the mall coming home and there was a group of kids aged between 17 and 8 roughly standing around a rubbish bin drinking beers. There was no one else in sight so we went home and called the police.
  • although i wasn't actually there
  • Going from table to table licking the salt shakers no more salt for me in a restaurant! Feb.02.2022

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