• go to auto parts store and get a tube of powderd grafite should be five bucks or less works great it lubes the lock
  • One possibility is that the shifter/ignition interlock is worn/maladjusted. There is a mechanism designed to keep you from taking the key out of the ignition unless the transmission is in "Park". If that mechanism gets out of whack, then the ignition lock doesn't know that you are in "Park" and won't let go of the key. Have the interlock checked out. I'm 85% sure that's your problem. Good luck.
  • BEfore you try anything MAJOR, try using wd40 sprayed into the key hole and push your tilt wheel all the way up and spray wd40 "UP" into the button assembly inside column. This fixed it for me... without a screwdriver!
  • The first answer is exactly the issue. I had the same exact problem with my 2000 Grand Prix GT. We had the shifter/ignition interlock replaced at the dealer, under warranty luckily, and that fixed the problem.

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