• Dreams as in "I dream to be famous" - yeah.. or dreams when sleeping? I believe those dreams are simply your mind replaying the many things you see on any given no order..thus why they are hard to interpret.
  • I have them while I'm sleeping so to that extent I believe in them.
  • Yes I do. Without dreams life could be boring and meaningless.
  • I beleive they exist. I believe that sleeping dreams are our subconscious minds' way of speaking to us about feelings we have in abstract symbols. I believe that waking dreams are our way of visualizing a future that we can work toard. I also believe that God can speak to us through our dreams. Finally, I believe it is possibloe to put too much stock in sleeping dreams and they must be balanced with cognitive knowledge and other media of truth communication.
  • Rephrasing here... Do I believe dreams come true? The kind that occur while I sleep, no. My "dreams" or as I call them goals can and do. But you must be dedicated to reaching them and push forward when you do not feel like you can make it. I guess you would call it determination and I do believe I can make those dreams come true.

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