• No you should not, unless you want to cause widespread chaos in your school, distract the fire service away from a real call and even get expelled. Furthermore you could possibly cost someone their life. NOT a good idea
  • Assuming nobody sees you, the school is evacuated and the a few fire trucks come, make sure everything is ok and then fine the school. If you ARE seen, you get expelled and fined a large amount. No, don't bother, you waste the fire departments time as well as other students.
  • You will get expelled, and have to explain to your parents why you were expelled, and why theu have to pay the fire department back. Their sevices are only free if there is a real fire, otherwise, your parents are going to have to pay a lot in restitution, and you could end up arrested, and that's just not cool. I wouldn't do it if I were you.
  • Best case scenario lessons would be disrupted and people would be annoyed with you. You may be warned by staff at the school. You could also be suspended, expelled or your parents could be fined depending on what the policy is where you live. Depending on how the fire system works in your school, firemen may be automatically called out. Worst case scenario the firemen called out to put out the supposed fire at your school aren't there to save a family who's house is burning down. Think about it. Whatever ludicrous reasoning you could possibly have for pulling it, don't. You and others won't benefit in the long run.
  • If the school's on fire, yank that bad boy

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