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  • I doubt it, I don't think they reflect in that way. They satisfy their lust and that's it. Finished with. Only a contemplative / religious person, would feel disgust at what most men see as relieving a bodily urge. It means no more to them than passing wind or having a poo.
  • I think the only time that that bad 'aftertaste' happens is when a person is aroused by something that they know is wrong/or taboo - and the arousal stems from the taboo/wrongness aspect. I used to know someone who experienced the 'best' orgasms while watching sadomasochismic porn yet felt really bad about himself afterwards - because, despite knowing it was a fantasy, it still felt like by watching that sort of behaviour he was advocating it in real life.
  • Goddam betya booties; revolt seeps in pretty quickly...I think its more of an "Im too pure to use porn" kinda emotion as opposed to "Oh my god, that actually turned me on (as in the money shot -all tho' this does happen from time to time, especially when pressed for time)". Some friends of mine only look at highly refined porn (like B&W) as they consider it 'good taste' & therefore acceptable (like drinking champers as opposed to cask wine)

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