• Just be nice, it may lead to heartache if you your interests are not common.. flattery may show a shallow interest, so if you are interested in a good relationship, don,t show yourself off.. show your interests instead,, hopefully you are not shallow,,interested in only yourself,, really, there are those like that out here.. very unbecoming... start maybe with your favorite animal, like whales or koala bears :)
  • It always helps when you talk to people. Guys aren't mind readers, despite what they teach you girls in woman training.
  • Ask him how he's doing the next time you see him. What do you know about the guy? I wouldn't read anything into the casual conversation or eye contact, but I do see potential if you actually talk to the guy. Don't be shy. Most guys are flattered when a woman shows interest. And if they don't, just move on to the next pretty smile until you find one that is. A no only signals a change in course. You're on the wrong path whether he's married or gay or just not that into you its nothing personal its just a course correction. Being shy only limits your options. There are plenty of fish out there.
  • just ask hirn

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