• Yes. No Question.
  • We still have it in our schools and it isn't effective. The principal has to call the parents to the office and then administer the spanking in front of them. It's stupid if you ask me. If you have to go through all that why not just let the parents handle it when the child get s home?
  • No, That would be taking a major step backwards.
  • No, certainly not. As a society we should be moving away from acts of violence, the return of corporal punishment would be a clear step back.
  • YES! It should be brought back into the schools and ASAP.
  • I'm not sure. Yes, it would be handy to be able to spank a very rude or naughty little boy or girl, but certainly not with a cane!
  • No because, that same student will pull a Glock on the teacher that flogged him in high school if he's been pushed too far and has it in for that teacher (that's extreme) Absolutely not. It's bad enough to have your feelings hurt to feel physical pain on top of it. It's downright barbaric to hit a student. They are there to learn. All they will learn is that might makes right and that it is alright for the stronger to chastise the weak. That would be a step in the opposite direction of progress. Detention is a farce too. we're supposed to build children up, not break them down.
  • I'm 17 and my answer is yes. Appropriate corporal punishment should be brought back into schools. I think it would take away a lot of problems.
  • My school has corporal punishment. It works just fine.
  • definetly wen i was a kid my teacher used to whip us with a belt and my father too and it did me lots of good. i whip my kids with a belt and they stay in line u should whip your kids my kids wouldnt dare be rude now because i used to tie them down to a bench tke off my belt and give them 10 of the best. good times!!
  • corporal punishment should because i was beaten by my teacher on an allmost daily basis and it did me all the good it cood do any1. i was whipped with a belt usually 4 strokes a day and only for really bad offences was i caned probably 1nce a week.i was also hit with a trainer, ruler and a wooden spoon. our teacher wood hit us for no reason wenever they felt like it as wood our parents. i remember my step father tying me to a bench pulling down my trousers and beating be with his belt for nothing. he used to say im just showing you whos boss or just cos your not doing anything wrong now dosent mean you wont be later
  • I'm all for it...when I was in school...I knew better than to step out of line at school...I'd get two ass-whoopings if I messed up - one at school and one at home. I never had to get school at least! For all of you people out there that thinks that think that corporal punishment teaches kids to use violence...get your heads out of your asses and take a look around you - a large part of the reason you see so much violence in school these days is because we've taken these measures out! I agree...parents need to be better parents to their kids...which guess what...includes spankings! I got my butt beat when I needed it as a child and you don't find me going around and trying to solve all of my problems with the theory that it promotes violence is b.s. - like I said take a look around you...corporal punishment's absence is what's advocating our youth to be violent and IS the reason why kids are out of control these days...instead of making them take medications what they don't need in order to control what you're supposed to do...give 'em a little kick in the ass to correct them when it's needed!
  • YES. We cannot afford to keep a bunch of people who MURDERED other people alive. Not only would this very quickly rid us of a grave threat to society, it also means that there is less of our taxpayers money is being wasted on keeping these worthless monstrosities and embarrasments to the human race alive.
  • Aspergers syndrome you are talking about capital punishment, not corporal punishment.
  • No. For one thing I don't think it really does any good, as I and many I knew preferred getting belted to getting detention, and one of the other answerers who says it should be taken back says he got it every day at school, so it couldn't have been much of a deterrent to him either.
  • No but it should be allowed in homes...
  • ABSOLUTELY NOT. Although it does yield some sort of a desired outcome in the short run, there are long term ramifications that are rarely taken into consideration, like suppressed anger in the students. The administrators of the punishment often get lost when they become emotionally involved in the punishment, and begin bullying (more often than not, it's the people who want to let out their frustrations on children who are the most in favor of this type of thing). It teaches children that another viable way of dealing with a problem is to use your hands. It causes children to become the type of adult who becomes frustrated and angry when things don't go according to plan, as opposed to one who can maintain a cool demeanor who would be more apt at problem solving. I was a subject of corporal punishment. It's an incredibly counterproductive and counter intuitive means of teaching and raising children.
  • Denise, have you ever experienced corporal punishment as a child? If so, would you care to share what you do for a living?
  • Yes but it must not be allowed to get totally out of control or spiral back into the days when teachers thrashed the pupils around at a whim... A large amount of people think that children can all be reasoned with but I disagree. Frankly look at the generation that has been spawned by the softly softly approach. It's getting to the point where teachers getting assaulted is an everyday occurrence. Some teachers go over the top but even more pupils do as well. The politically correct brigade may prefer to tar those that think corporal punishment has a place as unevolved, but surely the point of evolution - be it as a species or society - is to adapt and use whatever works best. Corporal punishment should be seen as a deterrent and not the final solution, the trouble makers need to be removed from the environment they are disrupting and given a more specialised attention/environment in which there is a possibility of them getting the best education they can. Trying to reason or bargain with a pupil that knows there is nothing that can be done is a waste of effort and time as they will say something along the lines of 'So what?' or 'Shut up'... While corporal punishment should be used as a last resort as I mentioned previously, it would be a much more successful one than allowing trouble to go on and creating a culture of self entitled idiots that think the world owes them a living and isn't providing... Those that have successfully reasoned with their own kids, great! Well done! but some kids unfortunately do not respond to reason and logic meaning at times the fear of a thrashing may be the only thing to stop them attacking someone or worse. Just my opinion anyway...
  • OH HELL YEA!! I have helped and raise 3 children and seen the effects of a good beat down. I wasn't a saint in school myself and had good and bad moments with corporal punishment but in the end I say this, a bruised behind will heal but a criminal record is permanent. By the fear that someone else other than my parents will get me, kept me out of MAJOR trouble. I am 28 and see a BIG difference in these kids. If my child ever feels as though he/she want to disrespect their teacher, I want that teacher to take care of that issue and start the business right then and there and then call me so I can finish it. Therefore my child will know that I will rather someone who loves them set them straight than the police possibly abusing their power on them. At least I can take care of that issue with the teacher or neighbor myself because its hard to go against the law when they have them. So bring it back to instill a healthful fear that they have to respect ALL elders.
  • It never left. They kids dispense it to each other.
  • No. Knowledge and wisdom, not violence or oppression.
  • Yes, but ONLY for serious cases. Here's the times when I think you should hit a child: 1- If a boy is sexually harassing 1 or more girls 2- If there's proof that a student physically threatened another 3- If a student hits the teacher or another student 4- If 1 or more students harass another kid to the point that they are suicidal or needing psychiatric treatment. In any other case, you're just handing out the right of the adults to abuse kids for fun. Believe me, I met A LOT and I mean A LOT of nasty adults in my time that I had to put in their place because they were being mean to me. Imagine, if they could hit me!! I would hit them right back, it's called self-respect and NOT being used for a torture-toy.
  • Yes, i think two female teachers running around naked in a classroom should be spanked :)
  • Not at all.
  • Not unless we want a dramatic rise in the number of teachers getting murdered.
  • I'm on the fence with this one. In some cases it may be OK. Corporal punishment is still practiced in many US schools and is legal in about half of the United States.

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