• because the world is run by retards
  • Actually some do but I really think they are putting alot of trust in that ol' bus driver. Isnt he wearing one? Probably.
  • Buses have been known to trap children. There was a bus hanging over the track in Illinois. There wasn't time for them to get out, and the train was hit and students were killed. If they would have got the rear door open, some could have escaped, saving the time of having to release the belts. I tend to agree with no seat belts on buses, but then how is a motorcycle even legal??? Most of what we have today was put together by more intelligent and to change things these days takes more thought and less knee-jerk legislation.
  • I was asked the identical question, two days ago. School buses sit much higher off the road, than regular autos and most trucks. thus, the children are not really subject to injury, unless the bus turns over. this is rare. Cost. the cost to install school bus seat belts would be unbelievable. but, you say, what price can you place on a childs safety? i agree. but, the statistics have to back up the need for school bus seat belts, before the politicians will fork out the money. to this date, i do not believe there is enough data to support such an outlay of cash, for the belts.
  • even if the buses do have seat belts i guess it would take a lot of effort make each and every child put on his seat belt through out the whole trip.
  • When I was a child and took the bus ours had seat belts.
  • Around here, buses flip over every few months it seems like. I thnk that our precious kids, should wear seatbelts.
  • I rode the bus last year in High School and they had seat belts, most busses have seat belts today...
  • The seats in a bus are designed differently than seats in a car. And a bus is designed differently than a car. While in a car we depend on a seat belt to keep us from accelerating through the windshield, the principle behind bus seats is compartmentalization. The seat in a bus are padded, sit upright and are in much closer proximity than those in a regular automobile. As a result, in the event of an accident a child is kept in place and from harm by the seat in from of him or her. In addition, a school bus is a large vehicle engineered for safety. It disperses the force of a crash differently than a small vehicle or a light truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has conducted studies to this effect and found that a lap belt will cause more damage to a small body than compartmentalization. Still, studies are conducted periodically to ensure that buses are as safe as possible. If it's determined that seat belts are the safer alternative, buses will be retrofitted at a cost of about 670 million dollars.
  • Some have them. Others don't. The seats are designed to keep the children in place in case of an accident they're taller than the seats in the car. Also you can't always make the child buckle up or keep them buckled for that matter without supervision. And the children would have more difficulty getting out quickly if they were buckled in sometimes time is of the essence, like if there's a train coming or if they crashed into the water they'd be able to escape more quickly if they weren't buckled in.

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