• She's just worried about you, that's all
  • You may get the space you need if you simply explain to her that you had a bad week and that you hope that she can understand that you do need some time alone to process. Hopefully, it will work. Good luck.
  • She probably doesnt know how to deal with it, and believes that she has to. To get her off your back, promise her "you'll talk to her about it tomorrow, until then lay off". That way she can feel ok that she just has to wait a little while, and in the meantime, you can buy some time. If she refuses to wait, then shes probably too stressed out to think clearly. Tell her to chill out and calm down, else you'll make her wait 2 days.
  • Okay. I am a mom. An 'old' one, but a mom, nonetheless. The 'problem' is that ALL mothers tend to be idoits at some point or another. No matter how 'cool' and 'loving' we may actually BE, when we see a child of ours having a hard time ... you DON'T have to tell us (or yell at us, etiher) ... it goes with our wiring 'cause we had you: we SENSE it. The other deal is most mother's don't really 'get' HOW TO let your child 'be' : YOU have to teach them, not dissing them anymore than you want to be 'dissed' -- In other words some mothers have a hard time 'letting go.' That said, its the only loving thing a mom can do after all is said and done. That said, YOU are the one to teach her that its okay, 'you'll be back!' 'Kids' on the other hand have tremendous pressures on them all the time: whether that's in school, at work, with friends, with family ... but even MORE ... figuring out who the heck they actually ARE in the world, and their place in it. If it wouldn't 'kill you,' to do this: I suggest the following (yes, it might be hard, but it might in the end be worth it. After all, most mothers are 'cheap and easy' when a little bit of attention is thrown their way): Your script here, while sitting mother down: 'Mom; I was just thinking about how much you love me and care for me.' 'I really get that its difficult for you to see me having a hard time or even just wanting to be alone and not talk about anything!!' 'Mom, I love you.' 'Mom, I'm a GUY! Guys ARE different than girls or women. We figure out stuff differently than you do. This is built into how we think, feel and act.' 'Mom, while I totally appreciate how much you want to help, a friend once told me this: 'You may lead a horse to water, but sometimes the horse has to find their own water.' Mom, I'm really 'just looking for my own water.' 'I love you, Mom.' (We are 'cheap and easy!!! HA!) 'Mom, when I think of what you may be able to ACTUALLY do, you can feel secure that I will turn to you.' 'Mom, I know there are times when you need 'alone time.' Sometimes its 'just 'cause,' ... sometimes it's cause you NEED space too' ... 'sometimes its just 'cause you're tired.' But best, sometimes I know you need to be alone because you deserve it. I deserve this too. If you asked ME kindly to leave you alone, wouldn't you want me to give this to you as an act of respect and love for you?' Of course you would. And I would do it easily and happily for you. You trust me.' 'Mom, I'm not 'running away' FROM you. I am simply learning HOW to be alone. Mom, I love you. I know you are much more understanding than I usually give you credit for.' "Hey mom? Thanks for being my mom. Thanks for loving me. And THANKS for just letting me figure how to grow up to be a decent, thoughtful man!' Give this a try, okay? PLEASE let me know how this worked out. That is, unless you aren't sharing your whole story here. (Or hers?) I wish you light, happiness and wisdom in all things, sweet child of the world!
  • STOP SAYING GOODLUCK! just say hope this helps its better :) :( YEAH! what a dumb question u can say good luck anytime! :P sorry, im 27 my life is better then urs u big loser!! :P
  • she is worried about you thats all, now you could fix this so called problem very easily and thats by telling her what wrong...its that simple you know and then she wouldn't be hounding you about it ... if she gets upset then you have the ammo to fire back at her " see thats why I said nothing "
  • At least your mother cares about you. Not everyone's mothers care about them that much. You are lucky!
  • shes just trying to help you out, i would just be glad you still have your mom around, wish i did
  • Hebrews 12:11 states “True, no discipline seems for the present to be joyous, but it is painful; yet afterward, it yields the peaceable fruit”. Although it is unpleasant at the time, discipline is a display of love. Proverbs 19:18 encourages parents to “Discipline your son while there is hope,And do not become responsible for his death”. Proverbs 15:5 mentions that a fool disrespects discipline. For example: Would you train your puppy? Could an untrained dog bring you joy? Could an untrained dog cause itself and others harm? Nobody wants a dog that unrinates and defecates in the house. A dog that bites or kills someone would incur legal fees on its owner and would possibly have to be put down. What kind of person would adopt a puppy and not help it to attain the best life ever? Do you see the parallel? You have a good mom and you should be grateful. Do you think the kids who shoot other children at school are getting the love and positive attention that you get from your mom?
  • Why cant you let her do her job? Her job is to be your mother, look after you, protect you, guide you, and love you. She knows when something is wrong and she wants to know what. In finding out she might be able to offer input and help you fix it or she can be there for support and encouragement. All she wants to do is her job. Instead you tell her to back off. You symbolically shove her away and tell her to mind her own business. I dont know what words or tone you use but you may be disrespectful to top it off. She has life experience, common sense, logic, and love. Sit down tell her you might be able to listen to her feedback without being a jackass and if she is willing to listen you are willing to talk.

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