• It sounds like your house and/or yard is infected and your dog is getting reinfected. If I were you, I'd try a combination of flea bombs inside, flea killing powder outside (you can get some at a farm & feed store), and at least several months of flea drops on your dogs neck (e.g. Revolution). Also, vacuum frequently with a vacuum that has a good filter - it helps.
  • Use only frontline from your vet or go to to buy it. If they are in your carpet use regular table salt for 24 hours and vac. them up.
  • Hi Flea control in done with intergrated methods I will copy & paste an eariler post asking for flea help. The vinagar is not helping Hello well, u have come to the right man for this one. First of all being "12" years old you are just too young to be able to fix this problem but I will give you the tools needed so a responsible adult can help u deal with this. DO NOT HIRE A SPRAY JOCKEY such as a sells orientated pest control company like the ones advertised on TV. 90% of the adult fleas are ON THE PETS both pets do not use flea collar as they harm the pet and only move the fleas to the rear of pet. The eggs and larvae stage fleas are where the pets frequent the most, as well as in cracks and crevice in wood and in carpeting and furniture. With this info you now know where you must focus your treatments. As for the outside a parameter spray 3 feet up the foundation and 7 feet out towards the yard and where the pet frequents with an insect growth regulator and insecticide. A great IGR for the yard and house ONLY is Gentrol do NOT use Gentrol pn the pet, the purpose of the IGR is to stop the insects reproduction the insecticide kills the fleas for about 2-3 weeks, the insecticide will NOT penetrate the eggs so the IGR combo is needed. It is important to understand that once the IGR dries it becomes lighter than air so it will float around and move from where it was applied, the IGR's take time to work but are extremely effective!! Products like Frontline are very effective but take time to work into the life cycles of fleas but in time they will not reproduce The pet must be treated at the time you treat the home. A great product for the pets is Petcor it has a labeled IGR for the pet as well as an insecticide to kill the adults fast. So bathe him/her and treat with an IGR/insecticide product labeled for pets. It is so very important to follow the directions on label. The house must be vacuumed and the bad thrown away as the micron size of the bag is 3 and the larvae is 1 so as the eggs hatch larvae will crawl out of the vacuum bag and reinvest if it finds an untreated area. If you have a basement you will need to treat the wooden window seal as this is where they are hiding due to the moisture the wood holds in a usually damp basement. A series of "spot" treatment in basement will prove helpful (Spot treatment is treating a 2' X2' area You must vacuum the sofa cushions everything you can must be vacuumed, paying attention to where the pets frequents. It is best to use a pressure sprayer and treat all carpets, furniture, etc., cracks, and crevice in hard wooden floors, baseboards. This will provide the residual needed, make sure you use an IGR with approved flea insecticide, which varies from State to state and you can learn which from the site that sells the pest control products. If you just cant get a pressure sprayer with IGR and insecticide the second best thing to do is use aerosol bombs with an IGR and insecticide and set off after all sanitary measures have been done. yes, this is a lot of work but this will rid you of this problem once and for all if done right for many years to come you will be flea free. There is no magic potion that will be sold to you this is the proper treatment that a real professional will recommend, this will work on heavy as well as light infestations. If you just get rid of the pet guess who now is the sole food for the fleas YOU ARE. If you have any questions feel free to return and ask I will gladly assist. so go get um killer
  • I live in the UK and find the best way to keep fleas off my 3 dogs is to feed them a bit of garlic every 3-4 days With there food, becouse the garlic gets into the blood and the fleas can not stand the smell or tast of it.
  • Here are some articles I wrote about dealing with itching and natural flea prevention: Advice On Helping Your Itchy Dog Preventative Health Care for Your Dog Advice On Natural Flea Treatments For Your House And Yard Advice On Poison-Free Flea Solutions Vitamin Rich, Immune Booster Dog and Cat Food I hope they are helpful to you! :) Suzanne
  • I buy a little bottle of tablets called Garlic and Brewers Yeast at Wal Mart for about $4.00 a bottle ... I give the dog four to five a day ..suposse to be for his coat .... However; with the garlic included in it ; He never has fleas ... To be on the safe side; I also buy the bottles of garlic gel capsuls and give him one , twice a day ... Altogether ; less than $10 a MONTH to keep the fleas away ...
  • The unfortunate choice is do you use TOXIC products, OR go with Non-Toxic products, which may take a bit longer, but once you have the situation under control, work far better than poisoning your dog and YOURSELF. All of the standard products Frontline, Advantage and their ilk DO "slightly" poison your dog (or cat and cats really do not do well as a rule with typical flea preventative products!) they also poison you, your child or anyone else who normally pets your animal. The consensus by the manufacturer, (who PROFITS from you buying their product) and many Vets, (who profit as well, when you buy the product from them) is that a LITTLE POISON will not kill your dog or you. But, what if you are using these products EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and adding some toxic Heartworm medications, and Vaccinating EVERY YEAR...(mercury, rat hair and feces, human skin, hair and feces FOUND IN RANDOMLY TESTED VACCINES ACROSS THE BOARDS!) THEN TOO...maybe you use chemicals to keep your yard looking pristine and beautiful, and a few more to keep your house clean and fresh smelling... Exactly HOW MANY toxic chemicals SHOULD the average dog, cat or human be expected to process and tolerate before the body starts having negative reactions and reaches a toxic poisoned level that contributes to cancer, skin allergies, breathing problems, stomach ailments, eye and ear problems and even BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES? Obviously, in this case you DO need a full out WAR to get rid of these unhealthy little bastards. Fleas and Ticks do not contribute to good health either! They are in your house and yard at this point and they must go! Some people have had good luck with BORAX, which is also cost effect to use in the house, and on the yard (NOT ON YOU OR THE ANIMAL). Place the powder, let it sit over night, then vacuum up and dispose of the bag immediately. Research and try other non-toxic ideas...,-as-Well-as-Your-Family&id=725137 For SAFE USE on YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS, (safe for children, kittens, puppies, HORSES, and other live stock...also used in bedding, in the home and kennel, and can be used as a spray on the yard as well as inside, but would take a lot for that... NEEMS OIL (comes in a shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and the actual oil which you can apply as drops or put drops into a spray bottle of water, shake and spray...small bottle I put about 6 to 8 drops in);jsessionid=IG3N454VK2OXQCQUC4WVAFQKCQL1AUNE?id=JZ-1010 I haven't had any problems with Fleas, since I moved to PA in 2000. We did fight the good fight initially when we got here to kill off the ones that came along for the ride (from San Diego), but once gone, that was the end of that. We do not use any toxic products, I DO use the Neems, but mostly to keep the ticks and skeeters off of us and the dogs, especially when we are in the woods. (My dog is a Search & Rescue Dog, so sometimes we ARE in the woods. The only time she ever picks up a tick, is if I have forgotten to put the neems on her, or neglected to do so, thinking we weren't going to end up in the woods.) Please be aware that NOT ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS ARE SAFE! Garlic, just like onions, WILL CAUSE A TOXIC POISON REACTION AT SOME POINT IN TIME WITH ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DOG...(Carrots too can build up to toxic levels in dogs) Different dogs will reach toxic levels at different times, your dog might eat garlic for years before you SEE a reaction. Same as with poisonous products...just a little poison! It doesn't mean that the garlic or toxic flea/tick product is NOT causing harm, or lowering your dog's immune system or over loading it, it just means that you haven't noticed any problems yet! Essential Oils such as eucalyptus CAN HELP prevent fleas. However, it is TOXIC TO CATS big time, and many dogs will have a negative skin reaction to it, as will SOME humans! (Sometimes just the leaves will help, (sewn into pillows and place here and there) and they do not usually cause negative reactions. Lavender too is a help, smells nice and usually has a LOWER number of negative reactions, but again...leave it off of the cats, (usually cats are far more sensitive to things than dogs) and SOME DOGS COULD HAVE negative reactions to it as do SOME humans. Those of us who feed a Species Appropriate Diet of RAW MEATS, BONES AND ORGANS to our meat eating companion animals have noticed a drop in issues with fleas. I tend to think it is NOT because feeding Raw Meats and NO KIBBLE or commercial feeds, makes our animal immune to getting fleas...but perhaps since their general health is so much improved...the Raw Feed Diet promotes a stronger IMMUNE system in general, and so our animals are simply over all, less likely to become bothered by fleas and other illnesses that weakened immune systems can not successfully deal with. Good luck...this sort of thing TOTALLY SUCKS!
  • Using good, quality flea control drops means that you're looking out for your hairy friend. Flea control products or drops do not come one size fits all, and all products should be labeled as safe for cats. You can buy drop from here:
  • take her to the vet and they'll help you get rid of them

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