• Yes, it's also a book and a movie.
  • Yeah, it was probably a government plot like the moon landing and 9-11. But I am not going to delve into it too much. I tend to take movies at face value. :)
  • yes, i think it's an allegory for life!
  • Yes. The Wizard of Oz represents our self deception in not being willing to deal with reality.
  • No. He's just a man with a machine that puffs smoke and makes Dorthy chase after the yellow road.
  • The Wizard represented two things more than a man behind a curtain - he was there first of all to remind people that the qualities they think they need to develop are often already in their possession. He also represented the dangers of people blindly following a leader or the government. For example, the Wizard made everybody wear green-tinted glasses in the novel so that the Emerald City appeared to be green - this is a metaphor for people being blinded by their beliefs in something powerful (e.g. government/nationalism, or organised religion). The Wizard hid himself behind a curtain and projected images that each person was afraid of the most (in the novel, each character went and saw him separating) in order to prevent people questioning his authority - yet another example of people being blinded by the government. In the later books, the Wizard became something of a hero and developed his own powers beyond the power of illusion. In 'Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz,' he saved Dorothy from some hostile people who lived in glass houses by cutting their Wizard in half with a huge sword - it turned out that all the people were vegetables which grew in a garden and that this man was hollow inside, so the death wasn't very gory. I suppose even that is a huge metaphor about human life as L. Frank Baum saw it - first because he conceptualised these people as vegetables and their leader as being hollow inside, and secondly because he put them in glass houses, and people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

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