• Might just be corrupted data on the disk. I got a factory sealed dynasty warriors 4 like that. Use the warrenty if new and get yourself a new one. Used, take it back.
  • Sounds like the disc itself is faulty, and not the console. The disc may have some irregularities that prevent it from spinning correctly in the disc tray, which would cause the tray to wobble and the laser to be unable to read the data on the disc. Take the disc back to the store and tell them it doesn't work. They will replace it for you.
  • You are so lucky that it is reading your other discs. I keep getting the browser screen and it's p!ssing me off so badly. Bought my son three new games for his birthday today and the poor lad has not been able to play any of them. He's inconsolable (excuse the pun)
  • I was having this problem with Spongebob: Revenge Of The Flying Dutchman. Everytime I got to the Krusty Krab bustop it would freeze and not load. The first time it was because the disc had a bloody great scratch on it, so that's that answered. But when I rebought a new, clean disc with no problems same thing happened again. It's just this one game though... I had the same problem with another spongebob game for the PS2. I'm not putting spongebob down I love it but t_t I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the programming.
  • Got to be the Disc Return it...

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