• If you are sure you want to go back, invite him out to lunch somewhere quiet where the two of you can talk. Tell him that you really miss him and miss being a couple. Ask him if he has the same feelings and progress from there. Be honest, up-front, patient, dignified, and understanding. It might not work out, but at least you'll know sooner than if you drag it out through more round about means.
  • I agree with the first answer. But if you do start dating each other again it's really important for you both to discuss why you broke up before. Even though it's been 2 years and you both may have changed the things that made you break up may not be part of any changes so you need to get those things taken care of. Many times the problem is that people will talk about why they broke up, promise that they will not do those "things" anymore or that they will work on those "things" and that is it. Before you know it, you've jumped back into the relationship and here you both are with the same problems and nobody is doing anything about it. We all know for a fact why we break up. It's doing something about it that we are lazy about. Getting back together is so nice you don't want to even go there. But you must in order to give the relationship a chance. Try going to a counselor. People might say why go to a counselor if you aren't even married. That's stupid because they even give pre-marital counseling and courses at some churches "BEFORE" people get married. So don't listen to people who say "why bother if you're not even married". I say if you both really love each other then going can't hurt. If it helps then you both win. If it doen't help then you haven't lost anything by going and still may learn allot from the experience.
  • Just ask him out to some where where you can be alone and talk about the feelings you have for him. If he has the same feelings then make a commitment but if not just remmain as friend and move on with your life.
  • I'll tell you how to NOT get him back. Date someone else and tell him about it and step all over his heart and be a total bitch. I guess you could try telling him you want him back. That might work.
  • You might just try talking to him first. And than take it from there.

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