• Yes, but NOT to cover an accident that ocurred prior to the addition the coverage. The coverage that was on the vehicle at the time of the incident is all that is applicable. However, if your state laws permit, if the other driver was at fault then a claim should be filed with their insurance company to recover the value of the vehicle (if totalled) or its repair. If your friend was at fault, consider asking them to pay for half of the repair or replacement cost. Interesting to note that about 20% of loaned out vehicles end up totalled due to the driver's unfamiliarity with the vehicle or lack of care because it is not their vehicle.
  • I agree with the answer provided by Andersen777, but some insurance companies will not put comprehensive and collision on a vehicle that has been totalled/has a salvage title. If your vehicle was totalled and you still want to put full coverage on it, then ask your insurance company if they will accept it, if they say no, then the best thing that you can do is shop for a new insurance company through a brokerage. Brokerages represent multiple insurance companies, so if you tell them when you call for a quote that your vehicle is totalled they will be able to give you the rate of a company that will accept it.

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