• G'day Twotonehawkfan, Thank you for your question. I don't know but a vet would. I would take your dog to see one as soon as possible. If he has thrown up several times, something is wrong and it could be serious. Regards
  • All I can tell you is that my dog did the same. He was diagnosed with IBD irritable bowel disease(after $2100 canadian)which was more than likely caused by a food allergy. So what I had to do wAS eliminate everything from his diet that he was previously given and give him something he had never had before. In my case it was venison and potatoe(special diet from the vets).That was a nitemare To make a long story short I am now feeding my dog raw I havn't seen the yellow/green vomit in quite a while.Hope this helps
  • My dog does that from time to time too. We German Shepherd owners have a standard wisdom that if he's going to vomit up his stomach bile, he'll do it 3x before he's done. It is common with his breed. It may be with others too.

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