• Although the United States has produced something like 70,000 nuclear weapons of 71 major types since their invention, there are now roughly 9600 nuclear weapons of 10 major types (as determined by the official designation system) in the U.S. arsenal. The official name of this arsenal is the "Enduring Stockpile" and it is divided into three categories of warhead readiness. The three levels of stockpile readiness are: -Active Service: Fully operational and mated with delivery systems -"Hedge" Stockpile: Fully operational (or can be made so on short notice) but kept in storage away from delivery systems, delivery systems are available for them however (this category currently has no weapons assigned to it) -Inactive Reserve: Weapon is kept basically intact, but is not maintained in operational condition (this principally means that tritium will not be stockpiled to charge the weapons tritium reservoirs), these weapons may not have ready-made delivery systems available
  • the actual numbers are classified...sorry
  • the united states have way more then anyone else but are not willing to let anyone know for safty reasons and to make a point the u.s has some of the worst train soliders on the planet take a example like a united States fully traind and armd and traind marine is not as good as a average canadian solider sad to think about it
  • More than North Korea and Israel, combined.
  • More than enough to do the job and it isn't the numbers but the conditions under which they would be used around 10,000 or less according to SALT 1 and 2 and USSR / Russia has or had a lot more than the US again SALT 1 and 2 but again it's not the numbers but the conditions under which they would be used and how many .... Nuclear Weapons in the hands of some Dumb asses are a short term gain with very very long term consequences .. I recommend thinking it over several times before use unless someone else use's them first then all bets are off Tactical, Stratigic then Global so it's best not use and IF that does not work keep it "local" is at all possible ~Nemo~

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