• You won't get a good answer from anybody on this. It is a matter of opinion. I'd say yes but I'm a hopeless romantic... If it works out, being 45 hours away shouldn't keep you apart.
  • In life don't wait for all the "lights" to be GREEN. If you like the guy, see where it takes you. Things change, people change, circumstances change. You get a good friend out of it if nothing else and memories and what you learn will/may make you a better just never know!
  • This question is almost 2 years old.. let us know how it went.
  • You may be married by now. Check the date.
  • ima holess romantic, im gonna say yes cuz well im a guy and i would drive 45 min to see my girl. i have made it work.. we saw each other on the weekends. communication, pic messaging, phone talks, etc. this works and i enjoyed every minute of it. if more comes of it great.. if not. well move on... :)

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