• Yes you are entitled to marry an English person in your 6 month visa, this will automatically give you residency in the uk.
  • the above reply is wrong I am in the same position as you my American Boyfriend is coming over to the UK on 6 month travel visa and we intend to marry during this time. I was told by the registry office that no body will marry us without a fiancee visa (£500 and not guarenteed to be granted) or a £300 Certificate of approval to marriage (you need to apply streight away as they take upto 70 days to be proccessed and you have to give notice of 16 days to be wed so it cuts it very fine. We are embarking on the same jorney as yourselves I would love to be in touch with you see how you get on. He came over last week and was imeiediately deported back to the U.S so now we want to just get married and that be it but even on getting married still does not mean he can stay... You will have to apply for an extension to his visa .... then after the extension runs out apply for a settlement visa. Its so expensive and screwed up. Please keep in touch if you wish. Switch
  • i don't know if my other half can aplly from the uk for a marriege visa or does he have to go back to his country for that? can some one let me know please lucy
  • I will be moving to UK for job on HSMP.I am an Indian citizen and my fiance is from Bangladesh.Can he live in the UK as a dependant if he comes to UK on a 6month visit visa and we get married.
  • please visit this page online to view what is needed to marry a uk resident
  • this link will tell tyou what you need to do to obtain a certificate od permission to marry or a visa to marry in the uk cost and how to apply
  • hmmmm i want to come in UK and marry my gf, she is resident of the UK and i just want to be with her legaly i dont need to become citizen of UK just a resident so i can stay in country with her. What and how can be done please help
  • Even if you marry someone in the UK you will have to wait for 2 years to get the PR and 1 year further to be eligible to apply for citizenship.

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