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  • i think it's sexi
  • I don't know about the clit size but, I've read several different things saying it is normal for a woman's inner labia to hang down below her outer labia, I would guess it isn't all that common though because I've never seen it in real life and I've been in alot of locker rooms. Lucky her though. It is great to be unique! It is probably also pretty awesome to have a clit that large.
  • it is not a normal thing for a girls clit to hang but it not abnormal mine does to. the doctor said that somegirl are born with it and some get it later in life.
  • Is that 1 inch past the hood? That's a big clit, have you tried sucking it like it were a tiny penis? When a woman has a bigger clit I do that and it seems to really drive them crazy!!!!!! What is a normal pussy? Is that an average one? I think people get too caught up in what normal is without have any criteria to make a judgment. The whole concept of normal or average is not really valid because of the information gathering usually being from prejudiced observers. Love your girl friend, love her vagina, love her pussy, love her clit and everything about her. Make her feel good about her better than average pussy. Women actually have their vagina's worked on in terms of plastic make them look like a certain way....riduclous!!!!!!!! Be natural, be yourself and love each other for that!!!
  • does it matter?? the more to suck and play with...I find it a total turn can give oral and wash his face at the same time...tis especially great when the girl straddles your face then, you get it all...
  • You lucky dog, my GF is using androgen shots and weights to grow her clit and pull her lips. I ouwl dlove to dive right in
  • I know this question was posted about 2 years ago... I just wanted to share my thoughts. It may not be the hottest thing 'visually' according to very close-minded people, but when it comes to the 'deed' it's by far best because women reach orgasm with less difficulty. Like me... I don't really understand when some women tell me they can't cum. I cum pretty often and easily... Also, you have to make up your OWN mind. You can't let others tell you whether to like something or not. You have to say, "I like my girlfriend and her large clit, who cares what everybody else thinks." We're all different in some way, don't let the 'average' become 'normal'. Normal means there is nothing wrong... and average means it's the most out of a whole bunch. Don't get it mixed up. There is a book out there called Stargirl. It's about a very different girl. A girl that isn't like any girl this boy knows... and he loves her, but because of how the people around him didn't like her... and even looked at him wrong for hanging out with her, he dumps her. Think about it for a minute. You like her... that's what matters.
  • ----------------> luck you i love a really big clit good for sucking & licking on them ;-]
  • thx for the question. I was really panicking that mine was too big (1 inch)
  • Since you guys seem really honest I thought I'd ask my question here if you don't mind anonomous. Hi, I'm having major concerns about my body. I'm a virgin but my boyfriend and I fool around (keeping my pants on). I have a 1 inch clitoris and am scared that when we do have sex he will freak out (not meaning in a good way). I cum a lot/often and when I drink water I get chills straight to my nipples. I'm ticklish on and around my ears and neck but when he whispers or breathes near those spots I get turned on fast and hard. Is something the matter with me!! The last thing I want is to scare him away. What do I do?!
  • Hi my girlfriend also has a big clit(almost 2 inches )and when she is aroused it can be very swollow also (almost 1 inch thick),she is only 25 but also very muscular and lean however she really looks nice feminin,she makes a lot of fitness but never used steroids but i think she has high male hormones what developes her a oversized clit.We like it both a lot and it gives her several extreme intensive orgasms each time(sometimes painfull),even when i don't touch her she says her clit is giving pulsations like an erection.The other negative point is that sometimes she feel a shame to wear thin swim bath suites and bikini because you can see that also her lips are bigger and her big clit gives her a little bulg also because she has an overal lean body... But we both enjoy and really be proud and enjoy this extra...
  • My god you people I am sure he means the hood, And yes it is very normal, there are many different Shapes and sizes when it comes to it.
  • Hey we are all different. Normal and attractive.

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