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  • Raging hormones can be hard on a sixteen year old. Regular physical exercise may take your mind off it temporarily. I remember I masturbated a lot when I was 16. It helped.
  • Alternatively, get someone else to masturbate you. On the other hand, that wil probably lead to something more, so bad idea. Okay, alternatives? None - glory in the beauty of the opposite sex, but don't put out. No-one wants to get a name as a tart
  • If you have an itch scratch it....
  • Buy yourself a vibrator - it will become your best friend. :)
  • Sorry for my bluntness, but : Rub your clit whenever you feel like it. Heck it's yours, use it! FEEL GOOD!
  • masterbate theres nothing wrong with it just dont jump into sex just because your horny i did at 16 and i regret it just make sure your absolutely ready when you choose to do it

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