• Megapixels, Lens size, lens type, OPTICAL zoom (digital sucks), battery life, time to turn on/off and time between pictures. Thats what I looked for. I recommend Panasonic TZ1 or TZ3. I love it. go test it out at a store if youd like. =) hope this helped somehow.
  • Most digital cameras on the market today are pretty good. But the more they cost - the more features they will have, and usually the old adage applies - 'You get what you pay for.' Megapixels are a consideration - the more megapixels the better the photograph. Have a go with them in the shop before you buy, and see which ones you like the feel off. The big ones will do what the little ones do, but they'll have more buttons on them for easier use. It also depends what sort of photography you'll be doing. If you want to do close up work, you'll need one with a macro feature on it. Read the manuals, and ask for demonstrations.
  • Mega Pixels and the Battery life!
  • Are you really going to take that many pictures? I mean, a smart phone comes with a Blu-Ray quality camera - movie and stills. So you may already have a camera. OR should possibly consider buying two things in one (pocket computer/camera...the smart phone). Wait, they come also with a great GPS, so three things in one! (I have a Samsung, a mere Samsung, and oh what a pleasure it is to use at as an mp3 player, in the car....I bluetooth it (or wire it) to the car's speakers, and the GPS will turn the music down temprarily whenever it needs to tell you (spoken voice) about the next turn to take. WOW. How can one live without these things, I do not know.

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