• IT'S OK. Many people think a mother rabbit is neglecting her babies when she's just not staying around them. First, wash your hands and go to the cage. Pet momma bun a few times with each hand to get her scent on you. Then gently lift up the fur covering the babies and count them. Once you've counted them, cover them back up with fur and leave the cage. You will probably not see the babies' mother around them, because instinct tells them they if they stay too long around something, it will attract preditors. Twice a day, normally early morning or late at night, she will go in their nest to feed them for about 5 minutes. You, and ONLY you, may touch them, because she knows you best and may hurt the babies if someone else gets their "scent" on them. But as long as the babies are in a warm, safe, dark place, they will be FINE.
  • Check their bellies after the first few days. They should be nicely rounded if she is feeding them. If she is a pet rabbit, she is used to your presence and it usually will not disturb her for you to peek at them. Also, the moms hop in to feed them and then hop out; many times its in the dead of night so you may not see her feeding them. If they are not getting fed, they will oftentimes make soft mewing sounds.
  • You need to check them to see if they are okay, if there are any dead or peanuts and remove them. When the doe is off the nest, which should be just about most of the time, go slow and peek through the fur and hay and see how many there are, check for casualties and if their little tummies are full. When done checking, cover them with the fur and leave quietly. Check every few days to make sure they are doing well. You probably won't see the doe feeding them as she will only feed them once in the early mornings usually.
  • you probably won't need to worry about them getting fed since the mother will be real cautious around her children

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