• Thats a good question I can also taste it, but I don't know how to describe it hmmmmmm. now this is something to ponder!
  • I can't actually taste avocados. Every now and then I'll get a very vague taste like dirt or bitter medicine, but mostly avocado *cancels* other flavours for me -- ie it doesn't even absorb them, but zeroes them out. That said, I'm a foodie, so I've made some non-scientific observations about what people think avocados taste like. The answers are all over the place: * Very mild flavour * Very strong flavour (somewhat unusual opinion but not unheard of) * No flavour (this one is pretty rare) * Earthy * Buttery (referring to the flavour, not just the texture) * Nutty * Sweet and fruity * Sashimi (!) * Can't describe * Pistachio * Peanut butter (many strongly disagree with this statement)
  • To me it's like a buttery, rich, nutty cream with slight 'green' flavor.
  • It is fairly smooth, firm but easily yielding to the teeth and rich in texture like a piece of tuna sashimi. Its flavor is mild and only a little aromatic. To me the flavor of avocado is reminiscent of macadamia nuts, grass the day after it has been cut, or a barely yellow banana-one that isn't sweet at all yet. When mashed, the flavor comes out a bit more, and it can even have the same notes as extra virgin olive oil.
  • 2 quotes from the internet: 1) For those who have actually never tasted an avocado, its texture is fleshy, oily, and creamy. Imagine a tree bearing fruit of balmy fresh vegetable infused butter . 2) Some of the sensory findings of avocados: General Creamy, buttery, smooth Subtle yet complex Appearance Distinctive colors: bright yellow and green Maintains its shape Aroma Floral, green, grassy, freshness, earthy Texture Melt in your mouth Maintains its shape Buttery, rich, satisfying mouthcoat Flavor Distinctive Mild, delicate Green/grassy, fresh and slightly sweet Plays well with others Substitute for meat/protein
  • Just tell them they are like eating the green swamp slime off a Louisiana swamp. That should be nuff said. Can you guess I don't like to eat them? LOL

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