• I like eating fruit after a meal. The sugar makes it seem like dessert. yum!
  • If you eat it before then you will eat less of the less figure friendly foods. If you eat it after then it is more like a dessert. So, I say, decide which is more important to you and do it that way.
  • It's not good to eat fruit after a meal becasue the simple sugar will stay in your stomach for a long time. Eat before a meal, or after exercise is the best. Don't over it though cause too much is no good.
  • After.
  • I usually eat fruit in between meals.
  • after meal
  • Anything you like, avoiding those fruits or veggies enrich in sugar content as consuming fruits with high sugar is good before meal. Berries is an excellent superfood which is loaded with antioxidants that help boost brain power, slow down aging process, and protect against other age-related ailments source:
  • Things digest at different rates. Fat slows digestion. The sugar in orange juice can be in your blood in as little as ten seconds. Mineral salts are absorbed in the colon, just before you dump. Overall, digestion takes about two days, but if you don't get enough fiber then digestion might be strung out for an unpredictable time. So any question about timing of foods can only bring the answer "What are you talking about?"
  • I eat fruit after my meal.

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