• The container of sunscreen should have a 1 800 number you can call. I would ask them.
  • why would you do that? it just literally defeats the purpose! if what youre after is high protection? sunscreen works by absorbing vs sunblock works by reflecting, but either one, diluting makes the particles less dense, and the sun just go right through it! and how would you know how well youre mixing it, surely you dont want to get patchy tan, darling!? so, lets see, if your concern is saving money, may i suggest that you use the pricy spf50 on the face and perhaps a spf30 on arms and decollage? or if your concern is the sunscreen being too thick to apply, try look for a sun lotion, it comes out liquid-like and goes on alot easier. i personally use the lotion form of sunscreen for my face, cos the cream version is a bit tricky to apply, especially like under eyes where its all delicate, my arms can take the cream version no prob, so i save there instead. so, to conclude, if you ask me, i d say, no diluting! the moisturiser is better served as a after-sun, even if you didnt get sun burn, its always nice to have the extra hydration after bath after the heat of the day! :)
  • No it would at least be 1/3 the effectiveness and may even have holes' in it. With the sunscreen lotion you shouldn't need a moisturizer anyway it's got the lotion already in it.

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