• There are actually many family activities in Vegas: Shows (Blue Man Group, David Copperfield), Hoover Dam, amusement park rides (Stratosphere, New York/New York), games arcade at Circus Circus or Excaliber, or just hanging out by the pool. Make sure to involve your child in the planning so you both enjoy the activities.
  • I'm not sure if you still need the help, but I'm a teen living in Vegas, so I can hopefully help out. =] SEE A SHOW. Like audiogal said, there are lots of amazing (and kid-friendly) shows in Vegas. The Blue Man Group is hilarious...a 13 year old would love them. Then there are also the Vegas classics, such as Mystere and O. Phantom of the Opera is also in town, if you're feeling theatrical. Shows can get pricey though, so you might want to search around for good deals. EXHIBITS. There are tons of them out here. The Human Body Exhibit is really cool. Or there's the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. I think the Luxor has one too. FREMONT STREET. They took a chunk of old Las Vegas and turned it into a sort of festival. There's a giant light show, live music, street vendors, and all of the old casinos. It's kind of fun to walk around and see everything. KAHUNAVILLE. It's a performance bar, where they flip bottles and use flames and do all sorts of cool tricks. Unlike most Vegas bars, kids are welcome to dine there too, and it's just a really cool place. I love it. RECREATION. Vegas gets extremely hot in the summer. The Hoover Dam is the most well-known recreational spot, but keep in mind that it's about 15 degrees warmer by the lake (which means you're looking at 120 degrees sometimes). I'd actually recommend Mount Charleston, if you're looking to hit the outdoors. It's beautiful up there (and typically MUCH cooler).
  • Also, if you need some adult time, there are some safe things your child can do alone: Gameworks - an underground fact, I think it's the largest arcade in Vegas. It's a big hot-spot for visiting teens - everyone loves it. It's perfectly safe and on the upper levels you can tour the M&M and Coke factories. Imax movies - there are a few Imax theatres on the strip.
  • Take the tour that includes a helicopter down into the Grand Canyon, platoon boar ride on the Colorado River, and follow with the sky walk over the Canyon. Can not be beat!
  • Las Vegas used to be adults-only but it's more family friendly these days. There are tons of stuff for kids to enjoy in Vegas. Check this page out for a list of kid-friendly activities: I hope this helps.
  • You can go to the boardwalk in New York New York. There's lots of arcade games and a roller coaster. The M & M museum is on the strip. Circus Circus has a lot of great family stuff. I just looked at the date on this question. Hope you had fun!
  • The Phantom Of The Opera Las Vegas Spectacular seems to be intersting.
  • i would have to say the adventuredome.

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