• I think he was terrific. He'd actually interview people. The Ellen show is nothing but the neighborhood brat showing off with the family camera. Actually, I believe Oprah Winfrey knocked him off TV. This was before there were 22 talk shows on every hour.
  • It ended cos he was stupid!!!
  • I remember the show fondly. I don't know why it ended. I especially remember his fascinating talks with "Atlas Shrugged" author Ayn Rand. +5
  • Phil just got tired of doing it, after 25 years or so, from 1967-92. It was reported that his staff was running out of new topics for discussion. Also, many felt that he had "lost" his core audience, when he moved the show from Chicago to New York, because it no longer gave the appearance of having a "Midwestern values" attitude to it, reflecting both his Dayton, Ohio roots, and his schooling at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Lastly, Oprah had taken over the airwaves and become the #1 talk show host in America, and friends said that he had a bit of trouble dealing with being "toppled" from his perch, where, at one time, he had been "the only game in town." +5
  • Because Phil was boring... Really!
  • Why not?=)
  • Nope... but it was good!!
  • If you ever watched it you would know the answer to that question.
  • maybe because he was a lisping dumbass clueless irrational ultra-liberal democrat imbecile! But no offense, of course! And btw, Oprah is an idiot. So is Ellen. Geez, get a clue. Watch FOXNEWS. Read a book. Wake up. You're feeding your brain with useless clueless liberal crap if you watch those shows. Get educated.
  • I remember it well.
  • i do and i remember phil hartman did an amazing spoof of his show on snl
  • I think he was the first person I remember doing talk shows when I was a kid. In England they had Michael Parkinson. He was a very good interviewer Fantastic Guests.
  • Oprah is the culprit. When she appeared, the air run out of his show....
  • A grown man with a lisp should be out of work and homeless. How can anyone be successful with a lisp? Nobody ever said "hey, dumbass, how 'bout taking a trip to the speech therapist, like most 8-year olds do when they can't talk right?" Geez. It's not like we're talking surgery here! It's amazing he ever got a tv show without being able to enunciate correctly. Next subject - he's a clueless dumbass liberal without a logical thought in his head! That would ordinarily be a hinderance to a career too!
  • He took an anti war stance durin the build up to the invasion of Iraq. and his show was cancelled. Also his wife Marlo Thomas, lebanese and Danny Thomas' daughter was being persecuted for being and Arab.

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