• Only the modern stuff and only in the sense that it's totally cheesy and boring.
  • No, but it sure as hack gets annoying when the stores play it from October to January!!!
  • No, not at all. I actually enjoy alot of it. I say "Merry Christmas" too. It's not a huge deal. The whole "war on Christmas" thing is really rather silly, and most atheist/agnostic/non-believers/etc I know really don't care that much.
  • Not at all, sometimes I even sing along.
  • I don't celebrate Christmas as an atheist and I don't understand why so many do. The whole thing is silly. The music does not offend me but annoys me when it is brought into my personal space. Anything religious goes for that.
  • im a christian and i dont listen to christian music. it sucks.
  • I am moved by Christmas... The Cipmunks and the classic Grandma got run over by a Reindeer. Make me weep.
  • Annoyed sometimes, yes...especially at the cheap stuff. Jingle bell rock? Seriously? But I don't know why anyone COULD be. A few Christmas tunes sung well can actually bring me to tears!
  • Not at all. I like it, so long as it's not overdone. Puts me in a good Christmas mood.
  • Actually, I sing along. I enjoy the music and find it a happy time to sing carols. It doesnt matter about believing or not. I have many christian friends who welcome me, singing or not, knowing my beliefs are different than theirs.
  • Traditional Christmas carols don't offend me. I can still appreciate them on an aesthetic level, because they are quite beautiful. But modern religious Christmas songs are schmaltzy and overwrought.
  • No not at all. Some of the most beautiful music ever composed is religious in nature. When I was younger I sang a solo part in Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach and it remains one of my favorites. There are also many beautiful hymns sung in churches regularly that stand on their own as musical compositions.
  • I'm fine with it for a week or two, but after that it just gets annoying. Like not being able to get Fergie off the radio for more than five minutes.
  • some times..........they over do ...
  • No? If I was offended by religious Christmas music I should be offended by the entire holiday itself. I love Christmas songs.
  • Why should it? It's not like all the Christmas music lyrics is being taken to heart by the singers. Like so many other things in life, they're just mouthing the words.
  • No, Im not offended. There are some beautiful parts of Christianity, unfortunately some of the brutal war mongering undertones of most religions tend to be in a simple word. Stupid. But hey, who doesnt like the spirit of Santa :)
  • No I like it although I strongly dislike 'Christian music' of recent vintage. It's usually poorly written, overwrought and somehow cheap. Christians tend not to judge it on the same merits as other music - or one might say that a new merit, earnest belief, trumps all others. . Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I love Christmas carols and music and often prefer the religious stuff to the secular. . I like Christmas and even Christians.
  • when I'm forced to sing it or listen to it I am ... But when Its my choice it doesn't bother me.fa la la
  • not really. i was born christian i am used to it. some of the songs it bothers me all together. but yet i like metal and that is just about it. so don't judge it off of me.
  • Unless Atheists get run over by a reindeer, they shouldn't be offended by Christmas songs. 🦌

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