• I hope so. He's a vile criminal. His intelligence is not a mitigating factor. +5
  • His ass is grass.
  • Oh, yes. They executed a man who wasn't even guilty, so a guilty one would certainly be in order to be executed. I've never seen anyone pardoned in the state of Texas.
  • Good! One less predator in the world +5
  • i don`t agree with the death sentence but on this occasion i think they should string him up by his nuts and let the parents have the pleasure of cutting his filthy throat but not before skinning him alive or better still put him in a cell with a few gay inmates and let them bugger him to death see how he likes his own treatment +3
  • Texas is notorious for the death penalty, so looks like he is a goner.
  • I would say there will be an appeal,and the case will be re-opened and looked at.From what I saw on the link that case was filled with mistakes made by the lawyer representing his client.
  • He's a goner.
  • i am NOT in favour of the death penalty. however they probably will execute him. its texas.
  • I believe they will. Texas has seen fit to execute people who's lawyers slept through their trial. And in at least one case they executed a man who was undoubtedly innocent. Rick Perry fired the head of Board of Pardons and Paroles and replaced him with someone else who promptly canceled the hearing rather than accept it's findings. (The former head had found Texas had executed an innocent man, Cameron Todd Willingham.) I am in favor of the death penalty in some cases but what the hang 'em high crowd doesn't get is that the travesty of a justice system that exists in Texas does not keep anyone any safer when it executes innocent people or the wrong people. There are some in Texas who are starting to wake up to it's abysmal legal system. The Dallas DA is one. Information here: Some additional information regarding the death penalty in Texas. The Texas Law of Parties gives Texas the right to execute persons for murders they did not commit.
  • DID HE DIE??
  • I hope so. One less murdering, child molestor on the street.
  • They probably will execute him. I don't think they should though. What he did was vile, yes, but I really don't think the death penalty is the right option in ANY case.
  • He isn't mentally retarded, he just has a low IQ. Seeing him talk I can tell there is a difference. He isn't a bright man, but He understands what murder and rape is. He isn't retarded, he is just stupid.
  • He has to be proven mentally fit in order to be put to death. That's a federal law. If they proved it, he's going to fry. +5
  • Uh, it's Texas. He's a dead man.

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