• somone loves you. with luck u will find them.
  • Pouncey, I have thought this myself many times. Truth be told, most men are NOT worth squat. Take that from a girl that grew up in a woman-hating cult run by men; someone who knows history; and has had 1 rape and 2 kidnapping attempts by 4 different men. By the way, the rapist was a neighbor that had been like an uncle to me for 4 years and 1 of the 3 kidnappers was my friend who came over to my house for dinner at least once a week and went everywhere with me. Most guys just want someone to give them some sex for a while and then dump them. Trust me, I've found MANY guys like that; though I was smart enough to NOT let them take advantage of me. It's REALLY HARD to find a man that wants a committed, intimate relationship that's willing to be monogamous. The truth is for every 1 good man out there; there's 8 or 9 good women. Good luck to me and you trying to be the 1 lucky girl. Also, even if a man is good, you have to have similar personalities and interests in order for the relationship to work. As well, an OK man can get into drugs and alcohol under times of stress and become a monster. That's what happened with my best friend Sam. I wish he'd go back to the way he was before; but he probably won't.
  • Of course you will find love! :) Like I always say, "Good things are always worth waiting for, even if they seem to be taking a long time." Everyone has a special someone out there, you just have to be patient. :) ++
  • theres a someone for everyone..dont wait, it'll just come to you :)
  • You can definitely find love. First you must learn to love yourself. You are valuable and worthwhile just for being human. Everyone is unique and that unique quality does not appeal to all people. But your uniqueness will appeal to the person who perfectly compliments you. Is there a reason you believe you are hated by everyone? Is there something you did to make them feel this way?
  • Before you can find love you must learn to love yourself. Everybody cant hate you, the thing is you care what people think. Fuck them if they do hate you, when they realize that you don't care they will respect you, and with respect you will meet lots of new people. The thing is the best way to find love is when your not looking for it, the closest I've been to the one is when me and a girl stumble upon eachother and its unexpected when thats the circumstance it seems it takes something crazy to make us part. you wont find love but love will find you
  • NO YOU ARE NOT!!!!
  • Just stop putting yourself down all the time, which I can tell by the question that you do, and just be yourself. And i'm sure alot of people like you, you just make yourself think that they don't. Don't worry though the right one will come along sooner than you think and you can trust me on that one!! :)
  • I don't know. Your question exactly matches my own sentiments. I would have written it the same way. +5
  • Start by loving yourself. If you don't love yourself, you can't expect anyone else to either.
  • If you want to meet the right one for you, you have to be the right one for them. Don't worry about what other people think of you. Concern yourself with your own self image. When you start to like yourself others will follow suit.
  • The way you find love is to be ready for it and make sure you are open to it when it comes, as it will come one day. But if you are thinking you will never or that people don't like you, then more than likely you will become that person. Dwell on the person you want to be, the person you'd like to meet, and you will change your outlook and your life. Be who you want to attract, on the inside. It's like a love magnet. Try to stop feeling unworthy (I know it's hard, because I still struggle with this) and set as a goal to live your life how you want it to be, with the person you would love to be with and how you want your future to be.
  • yes you can....but first you have to love (or at least like) yourself. I think you need counseling ..sounds as if you may have some self esteem issues. Once you are comfortable with yourself and like yourself....others will follow suit.
  • If you don't think you are valuable or worth anything that's what you show to other people. That is what has to change. You need help in doing it. If you think you are hated by everyone, that is what you show. It is hard to be around someone that constantly thinks they are worth nothing because everything you try to show them falls on deaf ears. You have built walls, and until you are ready to take them down, no one can do it for you. Get some counseling. You are worth a lot, and you have value, but I can tell you that a million times and try to show you, but you have to be the one to believe it. That doesn't happen over night. It is a process and it starts by being open to getting help, and accepting you need it.
  • First of all don't think that everyone hates you. For sure there are people in this world who love you (your parents, relatives, friends). Obviously the love you are talking about and trying to find is of a different type. To find that special person you need to be positive. You need to be ready for that special moment yourself. Love yourself and everybody will love you too. Be confident and never give up!
  • big up ya confidence it amazin what a change of mind set will have
  • damn that is one bitch of a downer question. i dont like you much myself anymore lol (joking). Easy parts working out you got low self-esteem, hard parts changing it. I used ta be quite similar. To be honest i suffered with friends etc, but that toughened me up. I took up boxing, im a (part-time) bodybuilder. Now i got a gorgeous girlfriend and (not many) but a few close mates. You got to remember lifes a bitch, you only get out of it what you put into it. I do recommend bodybuilding - worked wonders for my confidence in all departments
  • Pouncey, what everyone said so far is good advice. Remember to reach out to your friends. If you want to talk, you know where to find me. I'll be glad to listen and help you in any way that I can.
  • You wrote in your bio that you don't like to be hit on. I think you have to build up your confidence in order for love to flow in, because if you don't love yourself then how do you expect others to? Especially if you shut them down for even trying. What is bad about a compliment?? Look at it differently. Vision how you want to be and how you want others to see you and once you lay a plan for that path down and start to follow it, everything will fall into place. Then someday you'll look back on your life (like I am now...b/c I was in a very similar spot feeling the same way not too long ago) and wonder why you felt the things you did. You'll wonder why it took so long for you to realize that there ARE people out there that not only love you, but really LIKE you and enjoy your company. And no, I didn't mean to put 'like' first ;) It's easy to love but to truly enjoy someone and like someone is different. I know it sounds cliche, but everything will eventually fall into place if you let them. You just have to open up more. You also said that you're smart and you like being you. So then show it. Don't mind your flaws. We all have them. Our flaws are what make us normal but our gifts and talents are what fill our lives with purpose and meaning. I think differently too, and to many people that is a gift and a talent to see. To me I find it sometimes annoying and bothersome. Sometimes I view the way my mind works as a weakness compared to others. But then there are those times where I excel in areas MOST people have extreme difficulty in. You have the same thing. Not the exact same thing, but you know what I'm saying :) Use it. Use that gift to your advantage. There are others like you and others like me. Everyone is different but we're also all the same. The more we branch out the more people we notice and more that take notice of us. Then after we've branched out . . . THEN we will notice that not everyone hates us ;)
  • People don't really want to be with anyone who pities themselves. Not for very long anyway. And who can blame them? It looks like you need an attitude adjustment. Then you will probably find what you're looking for.
  • Pouncy you know thats not true! I love you! you know that :) Dont worry it will come one time or another You just have to wait a little and it will come, its like those weird fortun cookies that say good times will come its just a matter of waiting. :)
  • ... i love you...
  • If it is in God's Will, you will. God will bring him into your life when He fills you are ready. The best advice is to Pray about it fervently and persistently.
  • Pouncey, your argument is invalid. You claim that you are hated by everyone and therefore you will never find love. Incorrect. I don't hate you, in fact I think you are pretty cool, and also very kind and interesting. Therefore, you are not hated by everyone, as you are liked by me, and furthermore, you are capable of finding love.
  • I agree with the others. You have to love yourself before anyone else will love you. You are too hard on yourself. When the time is right your special someone will find you when you least expect it. You do not have to go out looking. Please learn to look at the good thngs about yourself and don't try to find negative things. Being positive is half of the battle. You can win! I wish you the best. :-)

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