• I like to hang around with gentle people as I like them. I do hope they consider me as one among them.
  • I can be gentle, when needed. And I do like gentle people and their ways. They're comforting.
  • I love the gentle and I try to be that way always.
  • Yes I'm One !!! ;)!!!
  • Yes, and Yes. Those who can't be gentle irritate me, and I can't imagine myself as being anything but gentle - unless I get really, really irritated.
  • I like them, if they have other qualities that I seek out in people as well. I'm gentle too. I couldn't hurt a fly... unless of course, that fly was actually a large hulking man who was trying to hurt my family or friends.
  • Yes And I've enjoyed the other six ( as of now ) answers. The majority of people in my life have told me I am a gentle person. +5
  • Not necessarily. I think that people have to have a combinations of characteristics that make them likeable. For me, those would include honestly, intelligence, kindness, consideration for others, and an aim in life, amongst other things.
  • i am gentle %99 of the time
  • I consider myself gentle, I respect people, I treat folks the way I want to be treated, I havent had a physical fight with anyone since school, I'm 42 now, I served in the army and can look after myself but prefer to talk out of a situation. Life is too short to be at war with everyone. Things annoy me, sure but I usually get through them to the things I enjoy and appreciate.
  • Actually I'm a violent person, have been all my life. I am short in stature and maybe have had to fight to survive or I have a little man complaint. I love to be soft, with animals, people I like who need some love. I feel warm when I am with people who understand the feeling. My doctor is a lady. When I visit I feel the warmth,love, she is able to give to her patients and that is how I feel when talking to someone I feel needs some comforting. I really cannot write what I feel, it must be something we have hidden inside us. I do know what the warm feeling is like and love to feel it.
  • yes, i love gentle ppl and i hope i am one of them...
  • Yes. But I can't be one of them. +5
  • Gentle people are my favorite ones to be with. They're the ones I can feel more at ease with and they have a calming way about them. I don't like people who are constantly screaming, yelling, and scolding or those who think they have the right to lay a finger or hand on you in way that is wrong or inappropriate. I hope to be considered by others to be gentle but I sometimes do lose patience with people and I can get pretty angry if someone is deliberately "pushing my buttons".
  • Yes, and Yes. :-)
  • I have no reason to dislike gentle people. I tend to be gentle when I'm treated gently.
  • I'm a gentle person who likes other gentle people. But I'm somehow wildly attracted to arrogant assholes at the same time!
  • I Love gentle People and I am one of them.
  • Yes I am. Whatever I did to upset him, I apologize. Will he forgive me?

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