• Yes! It often has negative connotations with the young (or it did when I was at school, I certainly thought physics was only for geeks) but when I got a bit older I started to realise just how much of life is affected by it. You can't have a society based entirely on art and literature, science is a fundamental part of the way we operate as humans and it allows us to have the standard of living we've got so used to now. I was a bit intimidated by the word 'science' when I was younger, despite having a father who was an astronomer, because I thought it was beyond me. However, somehow or other I ended up doing a science degree and I now work as a scientist, and to me that proves that just about anyone can do it!
  • Coolness is in the eye of the beholder, but to this beholder, science is VERY cool. :)
  • science is way cool :)
  • Of course it's cool....... and sometimes it's hot, sometimes acidic and sometimes alkaline! ;-) I love scientists.

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