• Is it cooler downstairs? Perhaps try your exhaust fan plus one to push the cooler air upstairs.
    • Kelly Anne Campbell
      It is cooler downstairs. So put a fan blowing out in my bedroom window, turn a/c on in spare room, and aim a floor fan up the stairs? I'll try anything after the sleep I got last night haha.
  • maybe you can get a different kind of air conditioning
  • What for?
  • Putting a fan to draw air out is counterproductive to your ac. Not only is it cooling but it's also working as a dehumidifier. Any air opening to the outside is wasting your air. I'd suggest you rearrange your bedroom so it can accommodate your ac. If you refuse that option and only have one fan aim it to blow on you! If you want to try to push the remote ac air to your room put it in the doorway to your bedroom drawing air in preferably aimed at you. And nix the covers and clothes! Another option would be to sleep in the spare room.

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