• Until the child is born, the mother is the sole custodian.
  • I think they should have a say when the woman wants to abort their child. It takes two to tango. If you are saying they should have a say in having the fetus aborted then no. He should have kept his pecker in his pants!
  • Well, are you going to be there during the gestation period when things can get rough or are you just going to show up after the kid is born? :)
  • I think they should definitely have a say, but I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with the idea that it might devolve into men forcing women to follow through with an unwanted pregnancy - the same way that I'm uncomfortable with the stories I've heard where women were coerced into aborting children that they wanted to keep. If men want a say, they'd better damn well step up and live with the consequences of either decision.
  • You can not abort a child. Abortion is the medical procedure terminating a pregnancy.
  • They should only have a say if they are married to the mother.
  • I have no idea...It's a valid point
  • Because the only reason abortion is legal is not because of a womans right to her body or to decide if she wants to be a parent as everyone likes to say. But it actually hangs on the right of the mother to medical privacy.
  • no woman needs permission from anyone about her own body

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