• Get to a doctor or hospital emergency room, immediately. Don't waste precious time on AB. Get going! +5
  • Go to sleep, you probably ate too much junk food. If it's not gone by the time you wake up, then go visit a doctor, who will probably tell you to eat more healthy food.
  • So your heart is so important to you that you'll just sit back and ask someone on the comptuer for advice.
  • That sounds like what I had when I had the kidney stones ... If your lower back on the sid(s) hurt ; you might just consider going to an e/r to be on the safe side .... in fact; if the chest pains continue very much longer ; GO ASAP to E/R never can tell what could be going on and it is better to be safe than sorry ... +5
  • I'm with mensan, got to the er, better safe than sorry. best of luck.
  • Youth and no known history of heart problems is no guarantee that this isn't serious. Go to the hospital. Better safe than sorry.
  • i agree with mensan: hospital ASAP!
  • Chew (don't "take") an aspirin and have someone take you to the emergency room NOW.
  • When I was four, a 78 rpm record of "Mockingbird Hill". My Mother loved that song. I don't think it was my fault because it was on an easy chair. How was I to know? I was jumping from one to the next.
  • Thank you all for your help. I called my mother and asked what she thought was wrong. She says that it might possibly be a disk allignment problem in my back and thus, will be going to a chiropractor in due time. Thank you for your support; though I'm still in pain, I think I will forgo the emerg. visit, though if my situation worsens, I will of course go get immediate help. Thanks again!
  • i would go to the er and get it checked out
  • maybe you should go to the er if youre getting chest pains

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